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Rademakers gearboxes

Rademakers History

High & low speed epicyclic, parallel and hoisting gearboxes. A small part of the large portfolio from the type of gearboxes Rademakers has designed and installed world wide. From checmical plants to mine hunter vessels, you can find them anywhere.

The history of Rademakers dates back to 1908 when the brand gets established in the harbour of Rotterdam en quickly grows to a company renowed for their high quality gearboxes. Even now you can still find 70 year old Rademakers gearboxes in perfect condition working in power plants and, oil refineries and ships.

Rademakers gearbox types

  • High speed epycylic
  • Low speed epycyclic
  • High speed parallel
  • Low speed parallel


Rademakers services


Are you still running a Rademakers gearbox and do you have difficulties finding the right parts an knowledge to keep them running. At Rotalution we have numerous years of experience with all types of Rademakers gearboxes. 

Contact us today for any questions regarding this brand, spare parts or repair and we will make sure you can keep them running for years to come.