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Rotating Equipment: We can support you with any type of equipment you need.

Gearbox repair service

Our workshop is fully equiped for the overhaul of any type of gearbox. No matter the size or type, we can repair the gearbox. Our skilled service engineers work together with a team of deisgn engineers and project managers. We strive to deliver top quality work, communication and reports.


Workshop Thrusters

Thruster Repair Service

Besides our on-site thruster service, we can also repair thrusters in our workshop. Our engineers know the complete thrusters inside and out. All the gear knowledge is present, it does not matter what type of thruster, we can repair it. Also for issues with the control systems, we are your partner.

Pre Docking Inspections
To check the current state of the gearboxes we are able to asses them visually. With our videoscope we can reach difficult places and inspect gears and some of the bearings. This gives a good indication on the required scope needed during docking and prevents the customer from unexpected downtime.

Gearbox Damage Experts RCA
If a marine or industrial gearbox failed and there is a discussion on the cause, our experts will perform an RCA and get a completely independant report on what caused the damage. We work for insurance companies, but also for owners, we get to the bottom to get the true cause.


Supply of Spare Parts:

- Gearboxes

- Pumps

- Thrusters

- Extruders / Agitators

- Rolling mills

- Electric motors

- Couplings

On Site Services:

Our team of experienced mechanics and engineers can take on complete projects, including on-site services and overhauls of gearboxes in the maritime and industrial markets. During these projects we will be able to inspect and overhaul the assets, order new spare parts or use the already available parts from your stock, reverse engineer any obsolete parts and commision them after the work has been done.

If the problem is still in an early phase and you would like to prevent any consequential damage, we will be able to provide our diagnostics services. These services consist amongst others of, vibration measurements, alignment checks, thermographic and ultrasound inspections.

On site also means the repair of gearboxes on site like this Lohmann + Stolterfoht marine gearbox where we renew the PTO bearings.

Mechanical Seal service:

Check our separate Seal website for the details:

Engineering Services

Our team consists of engineers who are able to re-engineer parts for (high-speed-)rotating equipment, design new equipment and solve problems/ perform root cause analysis. We also have a database of known design changes with Lohmann & Stolterfoht Gearboxes and hands on experience with pump impeller changes to get the perfect conditions.