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ATEX Explosion proof motors:

Maximum efficiency, high performance and explosion protection: discover OMEX, certified ATEX motor

OMEX explosion proof motors are custom built by OME Motors and are designed for use in potentially dangerous work areas due to the presence of various types of gas or dust. In such cases, the OMEX series of explosion proof motors offer several advantages:

  • Maximum safety guaranteed by the explosion proof structure, which is suitable for reliable use.
  • High torque and greater overload capacity.
  • Greater efficiency and better performance.
  • Special ball bearings reduce motor vibration and noise in service.
  • Higher temperature margin.
  • Easy installation and repair, longer service life over time.
  • Neat aesthetics and finishes.
  • Technology in line with the highest European standard.
  • Frame dimensions in compliance with IEC standards.

OMEX Low Voltage Motors

The electric motors of the OMEX Low Voltage series are explosion-proof devices designed for use in potentially explosive areas and work areas. These motors, in particular, are characterized by a lower voltage.

OMEX High Voltage Motors

The OMEX High Voltage series includes three-phase asynchronous motors built in compliance with ATEX standards and suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. OMEX High Voltage engines are ideal for use in applications where high torque is required. Furthermore, they have a solid structure and a safe and reliable explosion-proof technology, in line with the highest European standards, all without giving up on a refined aesthetic.

OMNEX Explosion Proof Nema

ATEX NEMA Ome Motors are explosion proof motors designed and approved for application in hazardous environments where certain gases or other explosive materials are present.

NEMA explosion-proof motors are built to withstand an internal explosion of gases or vapours and to prevent ignition of the gases and vapours surrounding them from any internal explosion.

NEMA explosion protection motors are low-voltage three-phase electric motors that comply with all national and international standards and requirements and are suitable for particularly demanding process applications, on land or at sea, in oil and gas pipelines, in refineries and petrochemical plants, in floating platforms for oil storage, production and unloading, in liquefied natural gas (LPG) plants.

NEMA Atex motors are perfectly capable of operating in adverse environments, such as explosive atmospheres, extreme temperatures, corrosive dust or humidity.