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Smoke extraction motors

High temperature motors for air intake and fume extraction in public and crowded environments. 

Reliable and safe devices in both normal and emergency situations, even at high temperatures.

Permanent Magnet Motors

  • Permanent magnet electric motors with auxiliary cage rotor for a fixed speed application.
  • Engine with a variable speed drive (VSD) for a variable speed application.

Slip Ring Motors OMA High Voltage

The OMA series of high voltage slip ring motors, designed and manufactured by OME Motors, are the ideal solution for applications that require high thrust torque and low starting current.

  • Slip ring motor or wound rotor motor with high starting torque.
  • Slip ring induction motor combined with inverters for the further reduction of starting consumption.


Electric motor OMDC


The OMDC Ome Motors series DC motors are DC motors, or power converters that operate in two different modes:

  • Or they convert the absorbed electrical energy into mechanical energy, when they are able to provide sufficient mechanical power to start and then drive a moving load (in which case the DC motor works just like a motor);
  • Or they convert the mechanical energy received into electrical energy when they are subjected to the action of a driving load (in which case the direct current motor works, therefore, like a generator).

The DC motor is still of great importance today, despite its increasingly frequent use and the "rivalry" with AC motors, which - as AC motors - are also among electric motors.

In particular, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the speed and torque with precision and extreme variability, the DC electric motor is used in the most diverse industrial applications.


A servo motor is able to wait for preset positions in the instructions given to it and can therefore maintain them. An electric servo motor has the advantage of being controlled in an angular position: even if it encounters an obstacle in its way - which would change the direction of its trajectory - the servo motor will try to maintain its position. For precise position adjustment, the motor and its setting are equipped with a measuring system that determines the current position.

OME Motors has conceived a range of servo motors, able to satisfy all market needs. The two types in which a servo motor can be divided, in particular, are: synchronous

Single-phase electric motors

Single-phase electric motors are a particular type of electric motors, which are powered by single-phase alternating current (AC). The most widely used type of single-phase motor - because of its cost-effectiveness - is the single-phase asynchronous motor, which is characterized by an induced magnetic field that rotates at a speed called synchronization; the rotor, on the other hand, rotates non-synchronously with the statoric magnetic field (or rather, at that speed it would not provide any torque).

Synchronous generators

Correct synchronous electric motors alternated with precise and stable speed.

Suitable for power plants and power generation plants.


Ome Motors and LS Group, a combination of quality and innovation

Ome Motors and LS Group combine know-how and expertise to offer an even better performing and innovative range of products. Ome Motors' more than half a century's experience in the manufacture of three-phase electric motors of different types and models, suitable for any type of industrial application, and LS Group, a leader in the electrical/electronic and energy sectors, a spin-off of LG Group, the Korean electronics giant, since 2003, have given rise to a strategic partnership that has resulted in a new range of inverters, power supply devices for automation, with future-oriented, environmentally friendly technologies that maximise energy efficiency.