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Spare Parts supply for your HRP Thruster (Holland Roerpropeller) propulsion systems.

HRP history

Since the start of HRP (Holland Roerpropeller) in the Netherlands in 1973, they have made a name in the martime industrie. With their own thruster designs they have been highly active in the smaller seagoing tankers, small and large dredgers, offshore work-boats and inland waterway passenger ships.

The quality of their 360 degrees turning, retractable or tunnel thrusters, has been of phenomenal quality and in their high days their offices could also be found in Asia, North- & South America and the Middle East.

These days it's getting harder and harder to find the original parts needed to keep the HRP (Holland Roerpropeller) systems in good working condition. With our background in the maritime industry we know what is needed. Here you can find some of the types we have already supported.

HRP services

If you are looking for any type of OEM spare part for your HRP (Holland Roerpropeller) system, please don hesitate and contact us. We can provide all OEM spare parts for your HRP Thruster, any type and shape. Provide us your part number or serial number of the thruster and we will provide you with an offer for these parts.

We will make sure that you can keep operating your thrusters.

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