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White metal bearings

Glyco bearings and many other marine and industrial white metal bearings. Rotalution can deliver!

Many gearboxes will suffer from failing plain (white metal or babbit) bearings which can be caused by several problems inside the gearbox. The most common are lack of lubrication or a faulty alignement. 

Some local suppliers can repair these bearings by re-applying a new layer of white metal on the base material. The downside is that this method of repair often causes additional problems. Problems we often encounter are deformation of the shell, remains of nitrogen in the base, no bondage between the white metal and the shell. This is why we will only recommend to repair these types of bearings in exceptional cases or when there is an emergency to get the installation running again

Our strenght lies in our knowledge of the correct production process and correct tolerances of these white metal bearings. We can either reverse engineer the original damaged bearings and manufacture new bearings based on our expertise or in some cases supply new original bearings.

Glyco for instance is famous for their pre tensioned bearings. In the figure below it is explained that the thin shells are sticking out of the bore when placed in the pocket.

GLYCO BEARING glyco bearing explanation



White metal bearing White metal bearing

    Sealing Ledge

    Martitime gearboxes use often a special sealing ledge, or Huth Dichtleiste like the German OEM's call them. Rotalution knows all types and can supply from stock.