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ATEX Explosion proof Motors

Thanks to their special characteristics, the explosion proof motor of the OMEX series is ideal for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in oil and gas pipelines, on offshore and coastal oil platforms, on ships, in the pharmaceutical, graphic and thermal industries and manufacturing, as well as in mines. Furthermore, the exproof motor made by OME and ATEX certified are also suitable for use in air treatment plants or in the production of systems and equipment for the collection and disposal of waste, processing of cereals, rice and sugar. Finally, the ATEX motors of the OMEX series are effective and functional when used in combination with: pumps, compressors and industrial boilers. Click here to learn more.

High Voltage Motors

High voltage motor and medium voltage motor: maximum efficiency and high customization capability

OME Motors' medium voltage motors and three-phase asynchronous high voltage motors are characterized by a high quality of workmanship. What differentiates them is the modularity of the cooling system: depending on the model, in fact, a high voltage motor and a medium voltage motor can be IC 411-416-511-611-IC 81W. In particular the high voltage motor equipped with the IC 611 air to air cooling system (OMVK model) is made of a steel sheet and welded to the frame, which ensures lightness and stability at the same time. Click here to learn more.

Special Application Motors

OME Motors has an extensive ingineering department that can customize any electric motor you will need. The total package including the inverter can be designed and built on your specific needs. Examples are electric motors that can withstand high temperatures.