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Service & Spare Parts for Allen Gears gearboxes

History Allen Gears:

Allen Gears produced epicyclic gears from 1956 untill they were bought by GE in 2013. GE bought the company to further strenghten the portfolio of Lufkin. This change unfortunately caused a lot of disturbance in the operations.

We notice a lot of customers encountering problems in the contact with Allen Gears since they were bought by GE and the factory moved to France. This caused them not being as supporting as in the past. 

We are in good contact with the production facilities and will provide you the correct service and official spare parts. If the parts are not on stock, we can also reverse engineer them, or provide an alternative option. A lot of customers do not know there are alternatives, for new internals of their gearbox. Rotalution can support and advice you in aquiring the correct parts and services. 

So are you having problems with your Allen Gears gearbox? Than you are at the right address.

Main types produced by Allen Gears:

Planetary Gearboxes: ASG series. These are designed with the original Stoeklich tooth design, idential to the Rademakers, Alcatel and earlier BHS planetary gearboxes. This means the older versions of these gearboxes are very simmilar. A lot of these Star type planetary gearboxes were supplied to for instance Ruston for their Tornado turbine. 



The turbine of in the ASG32 case of 8579 kW, had a staggering speed of 11053 rpm. The gearbox reduces the speed to 1500 rpm for the generator.

Types ranged mainly from ASG16 to ASG34

Parallel gearboxes 

There are also a lot of parallel turbine or compressor gears, but Allen Gears is most famous with their planetayr gearboxes. Check for types our type page.

We can provide all OEM spare parts for your Allen Gears gearboxes, any type and shape. Provide us your part number or serial number of the gearbox and we will provide you with an offer for these parts.

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