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Because of the services we provide for other rotating equipment, we also offer the connecting element. 

It does not matter if it's a replacement, an upgrade or a complete new design, we can assist with our preferred partners. Depending on the type and request we will proceed with either our partners, or the extensive network from our supply chain.

Coupling types we  can supply:

  • Standard flange couplings
  • Flexible couplings
  • Elastic jaw & pin couplings
  • Tooth couplings
  • Disc couplings
  • Hydraulic clutches
  • Safety couplings
  • Pneumatic couplings
  • Fluid couplings
  • Turbine couplings


Most common coupling used in marine applications is a coupling like the VULKAN coupling

High speed couplings

For turbines and compressors a lot of gear couplings are used: