Rotating Equipment, Parts, Engineering and Service


With turbines we strive to serve a wide range of products, for which it does not matter if it's a (aeroderivative) gas turbine or a steam turbine. 

For these products we focus on (aeroderivative) gasturbines with a maximum of 50 MW and steamturbines with a maximum of 100 MW.

Besides spare parts we will also be able to provide you with the following services:

  • Reverse engineering of parts, like bearings, blades or even a complete rotor. 
  • Control systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Consultancy

Turbine Blades:

Manufacturing of the parts is not done by ourselves, but we will guide you through the complete reverse engineering and production stages and we will make sure that you don’t have to worry about communication with multiple parties and that you will receive a product of perfect quality.

Rotalution arranges the reverse engineering, possible improvements, and the final production. With a few selected manufacturing companies, we will make sure that the parts meet our highest quality standards. They manufacture according our drawings and our quality demands.

The main advantage is that you will get the best price for the blades, with the fastest lead-time.

The production of blades took a big flight with the latest generation of 5-axis milling stations and GOM measuring devices. These machines are the game changers in this market.

Due to these machines, the engineering knowledge became the most important part. Scanning and manufacturing of the blades can be done with OEM quality by our selected partners.

Our reverse engineering will be done after measuring the existing blades or impeller with a GOM measuring device. Our engineering then creates a production drawing and checks the design. If necessary we can adjust and improve the blade according to the latest calculation software.

Rotalution is therefore the one stop shop for your blades and impellers.