Rotating Equipment, Parts, Engineering and Service


 The main markets that we are active in:

  • Marine

With the maritime market we are focussed on the gearboxes for the propulsion of vessels with 4-stroke engines, the dredging equipment and the auxilary equipment like fire pumps and cargo pumps.

  • Chemical

Chemical plants use a lot of rotating equipment. They use gas- and steamturbines to deliver power, compressors to pump gasses or air, but also gearboxes, pumps, extruders, mixers, fans and many more. 

  • Oil & gas

Oil refineries also have gas, turbines, steam turbines, compressors and gearboxes simillar to the chemical companies. The ammount of equipment is depending on the amount of  barrels produced per day.

  • Steel

Besides a few turbines for power, steel plants have turbines to drive large blowers that force the air into the furnace that makes the steel. After the steel is made, it is milled into sheet metal. This milling is done by a lot of presses, driven with the help of very large gearboxes. 

  • Power

For power generation turbines are of course the main used rotating equipment . But do not forget about the gearbox that is in between the turbine and generator. Also for the larger coal fired plants, the coal crushers or cooling water pumps are equipment served by Rotalution.

Rotating eqiupment can be found everywhere! Therefore we take on every challenge.