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Rotalution Brand type: MAGDRIVE- Magnetic Seal less centrifugal pumps. 


Different Brands:

Rotalution has an extensive supply chain network in spare parts for pumps. 

There are many brands and types from all parts of the world, still existing or gone bankrupt, making it difficult to trace a pump back to the original or current supplier. Within our network we can always find either the part, pump or provide you with a suitable alternative.

We can make your work easy, don't waste precious time searching for a part.

Pump types we provide services for:

  • Oil lubrication pumps for gearboxes, compressors and turbines
  • Cooling water pumps for industrial- or power plants
  • Chemical substance pumps
  • Dry-dock pumps
  • Water management pumps
  • Boiler water feed pumps
  • Slurry pumps, like the Warman range